Indie Week – The Horseshoe

The Lad Classic

Written by Joe Taylor

November 17, 2019

To be brief, I was on my way to join up with another music gig, but it fell through. I wasn’t supposed to be at the Bovine Sex Club until 10pm and it was 7:30. Luckily I was a ten minute walk from the Horseshoe Tavern where Indie week was featuring new artists. So I walked in with no clue who I was about to see.

The band setting up was called The Lad Classic. They came out very strong and loud. They simply are a straight forward Rock and Roll outfit. Speaking of outfits by the way, the band had on their Rock attire and they seemed to have a lot of warm tones to it. It was like watching a bunch of floating heads as their bodies blended into the background of the stage. It was kind of surreal, because the music was starting to do the same thing. It was just there waiting to be catapulted forward. They did have a good groove, and they began to gain some momentum with a cover of “I can’t feel my face”, and “We are the Champions”.

Here are a few images of The Lad Classic’s performance:

Next up was a band called Mountain Head. I looked as they were setting up and all I could say was WHAAA? I know these guys from a different band. The Brothers Hannah has reemerged into this band which I will attempt to describe. When you first look at them, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear people saying they look like the New Allman Brothers or a ZZ Top cover band. With that said, you are not prepared for the transformation of your brain cells. These guys will have you second guessing their sound with each new song. Every thin layer of their cake could comprise of Country, psych-pop, alt-country, trance, laid back dance music, this would be a good start. Think of a party with Prince, Johnny Cash, My Moring Jacket, and a psyched out DJ and you would be entering into a world that would make your head spin. It’s like having a mixed drink, not knowing what was in there but you decide to shoot it anyway. They even kept flashing an upside down peace symbol to represent a mountain and the potential this mountainous journey to do to your brain pattern. It’s a unique journey that you will just have to discover in front of these guys. They could be the new age wisdom in an undiscovered cavern.

Here are a few images of Mountain Head’s performance:

Go to Lad Classic’s website and see what they are all about…

To find out more about Mountain Head, go to…

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  1. Brett

    Mountain Head are fantastic. 21st century rock and roll


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