Indie Week – The Bovine Sex Club

Black Absinthe

Written by Joe Taylor

November 18, 2019

After seeing some original greatness at the Horseshoe, I almost wanted to stay to see the other acts, but I had to get to the Bovine because of one act I have wanted to see for a while now.

The band just getting on when I arrived was The Fractured. They processed a ton of energy during the performance. They reminded me of Killswitch Engage, but without the harmonies. They had a monstrous groove and really woke the crowd with their final song, “Take care”. The song title seemed a little out of place considering these guys had a look like they wanted to rip your head off.

Here are some images from The Fractured’s Performance:

The next band grabbed everyone’s attention immediately with the singer screaming SEX SEX SEX-  Pick up those condoms and you may win a prize. The band is called Overhung. So is that a reference to hung-over or is the singer overly attached to his member? It doesn’t  really matter because you will soon find out these guys are on  a mission to make debauchery great again! The lead singer reminds me of an Indian version of John Belushi from Animal House. I hope he wears a toga at the next show. With songs like “Must Drink”, and “Sex Machine”, this is a full on bender of a show. The singer Sujit Kumar would come out into the audience to scream at you until you sang with him. He would climb on top of the bar for another round of drinks, sometimes they would be poured over his head. This guy is crazed, he’s NUTS and I am sure he would not mind talking to you about nuts. Well. Simply put this is not just a stinking lousy party band, they are a stinking (Pun intended) party band with a great groove.

Here are some images from Overhung’s performance:

Now the moment I have been waiting for. I just got into this band and I am curious to see them live. I speak of Black Absinthe. What got me was their absolute solid wall of sound. These guys could make some serious noise. They have no fear about picking up your musical psyche and body slamming it, until your ears are bleeding. The singer, Jack is a tall and lanky character with some powerful chops. He has a variety of vocal styles that he can swing around to make each song an interesting listen. They can be clean, guttural and all around powerful. The Bass player Kyle has his own special way of rocking out. With shredded make-up caking his face, he is a scary opponent to watch as he thrashes the crap out of his instrument. Austin the drummer doesn’t just hold the fort; he blows it up with sheer veracity.  The band can slip and slide its way into a stoner rock vibe and then smash its way into a full metal jacket and hit you between the eyes. With a mosh pit in full swing I can see this band enjoying the idea of going for the throat, melt some brain cells with their torturous pleasure and look at you when you ask for more.

The reason I like these guys is they remind of the band Monster Truck. The difference here is that the Truck wouldn’t have a chance of survival because it just soaked in too much Black Absinthe.

Here are some images from Black Absinthe’s performance:

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