In Rock we Trust!

In Rock we Trust!

The Horseshoe was a host to a pretty rocking party. The headliners, The Trust came out rocking hard and didn’t slow down once. This power trio consists of Michael Constantini, Jeff Carter and Mackenzie Longpre. They are very riff oriented with some cool grooves. Their song, “Just like the first time”, totally rocked out with audience participation. The guitarist had some swanker. He must have been watching lots of Led Zeppelin performances, because I spied some Jimmy Page moves on stage. These young rockers are on the right path as they start finding their audience. You can say they are trying to build the Trust of their congregation.

Opening for the Trust was Atlas Murray. These sensible rockers consist of, Bryan Doyon, Taylor Murray, Matt Baylis, and Gen Cassita. These boys are from Peterborough and are looking to have a following here in Toronto. I have seen the music scene in Peterborough, and these guys come from an established and lively soundscape.  They played it pretty safe with their thoughtful songs like, “Steps” and “Things could be better”. Their final tune woke the crowd up with a song simply called,”Pussy”. Check these guys next time they are in town.

The fun truly started when Bad Buzz hit the stage. This infectious Punk rock band befits the members, Andrew Laurie, Tristan Loria, Troy Fullerton, and Ross Carvelli.  Like the Olympics, they came to play! With high flying energy and boisterous rock moves, you can’t look away, like a great car wreck. I don’t know what it is about this band, but the house was filled with about 80% women, and happy women at that.  Gentlemen, take note, go see this band. There  must be something in the air, because you cannot have a Bad Buzz with this band. I look forward to seeing them again. You can catch them August 27th at The Silver Dollar.

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