Il Divo – Casinorama October 13 2016

Il Divo – Casinorama October 13 2016

IL Divo brought their Amor and Pasion Tour to Casino Rama last night. The show can only be described as incredible. In addition to their amazing voices, the group added dancers to enhance the stories of their songs. Their songs took us to Argentina then on to New York, New York and then to Paris where their combination of opera and pop brought the crowd to their feet for many standing ovations.

One particular highlight of the night was when David Miller, who is normally the “goofy” member of the quartet, sang an outstanding version of “Nessum Dorma”, a song made famous by Pavarotti. The band also surprised singer Carlos Marin with a birthday cake and asked the crowd to help sing to him  They also sang a medley of some of their most famous songs including “Mama”, and “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.

They ended the show with “Time to Say Goodbye”. 

Guest BT reporter – Maureen Vitelli

View images from the performances below:

3 Responses to Il Divo – Casinorama October 13 2016

  1. To Mareen Vitelli.

    As you dared to name the Best singer David Miller -normally the” goofy” member of quartet.You know very little about Miller.He had finished Oberlin.Listen all songs of IL Divo, and then you can judge.F.example , Bring Him Home , Some where and many other.
    David has a sense of humor, and he is funny, but no the “goofy”.You are rude and arrogant.

  2. Again to Mareen Vitelli:

    Beside.You did mistake in texten. Song Of Puccini is Nessun Dorma.You wrote Nessum Dorma.I wanna ask You how much you know about classical music?

  3. Why be rude. A person is expressing an opinion and David would not mind the “goofy” reference. Maybe the word funny would be a better description but what does it matter. If you are such a classical music fan act like one and be respectful of others.

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