Heather BAMbrick!

Heather Bambrick

Written by Joe Taylor

November 19, 2016

It’s a Monday night in Hugh’s room and the place is standing room only! What, on a Monday in Toronto. Who is this Heather Bambrick? She is a Jazz singer from Newfoundland celebrating the new release of her CD,”You’ll never know”. She walks on quietly and begins to introduce her band one member at a time with a story. You would think this could be boring, telling stories about her 7 piece ensemble, but you couldn’t be farther than the truth. Her stories are engaging, spontaneous and incredibly funny. She made everyone in the room feel special, as if she was the host of a very special dinner party.

She immediately took us off to,”Neverland”, and the room knew they were going somewhere very extraordinary. The Newfoundlander native referred to her heritage quite a bit, with a lot of tongue in cheek and a little flair for the ridiculous. When she began to translate the Newfie way of speaking, the heartfelt laughter in the room was fantastic.

“Far from the home I love”, is a love letter dedicated to a very special place. It is simply beautiful and romantic. Everyone in the crowd could imagine their own version of this song. Her voice is crisp and clean and incredibly sincere. She finished off the first set with “Babies from Heaven”, a riotous romp that had the audience laughing and clapping.

“Happy”, started the second set. It is a high flying swing tune that belted the audience in for this roller coaster ride. Heather then went into their new hit, which had 23 hits on Social Media,HaHa. The song was Bruce Cockburn’s song, “Lover’s in a Dangerous Time”. It is slow and thoughtful and a much better version than the poppy version by, The Barenaked Ladies.

Heather then transports us back over 40 years and does a rambunctious version of the theme song from the show, All in the Family. It has raunchy fat tones to it, and the crowd couldn’t help but sing the chorus, “Those were the days”. Clearly this room couldn’t care what was going on in the outside world. There was plenty of laughter and hugging and a little dancing up in the standing room only section.

Heather Bambrick truly has the stage craft of keeping her audience entertained. Her set list is very diverse so the audience is never bored. Even if they were not crazy about the set, her comedic side is worth the price of admission alone.

For more information on Heather go to… http://www.heatherbambrick.ca/

To see who else is play Hugh’s Room go to… http://hughsroom.com/

View images from the performance below:

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