Heather Bambrick Teaches us Lessons

Heather Bambrick Teaches us Lessons

Heather Bambrick did something really nice for the Beach community. She put on a live show at The Beaches Untied Church for free. Clearly a lot of the neighbourhood showed up and packed this wonderful space.

Heather got on and began with her wonderful story telling songs. The MC of the afternoon, Karen Dale, who is the Minister at the church, let us know the reason we are all here is to learn some lessons. Heathers story telling gave us plenty to think about, but nothing too heavy, just simply pieces of advice that we could carry with us as we each navigate our lives.

Heather brought two fantastic musicians along for this journey. Long time friends, Stu Harrison on piano whirled and twirled his way around his keys and kept the energy alive in the room. Then there was Ross McIntyre on bass that impressed us with his prowess of spinning his tales through an absolutely beautiful bass. It even had a unique extension on his base to add a special string to add that extra low note. It was a well worth investment as he spiritually brought the room together with a very earthy rendition of, “Nature Boy”. He later let me know that Heather gave him some quick last moment decision on how she wanted the song to be played, so he pulled himself together and improvised a killer bass solo in the middle of the song.

Of course Heather kept the audience smiling with all of her musical choices. Her story about how her Aunt influenced her to do a certain song that went on her 2017 CD got nominated for a Juno was pretty cool. The lesson here was not the fact that she was nominated, but the collaboration and connection her and her Aunt had with this song.That is where the true magic and joy comes from. If you ever have a need to smile and listen to great stories, Heather is your go to girl.

Here are a few images from Heather Bambrick’s performance:

Simply check out Heather’s Facebook page to see where she will be next… https://www.facebook.com/HeatherBambrickMusic/app/123966167614127/

To see some great Jazz acts got the Beaches United church calendar and support live music in the Beaches… https://beachunitedchurch.com/worship-and-music/jazz-and-reflection/

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