Getting Wild at the Linsmore Tavern

Getting Wild at the Linsmore Tavern

This past weekend saw an event that only happens once in a while. The Legendary Linsmore tavern got to host a Toronto favourite- Wild T and the Spirit. Wild T has played in clubs and stadiums for over 30 years and when he shows up to the intimate setting like the Linsmore Tavern, you better take advantage of it. When you walked in, the place was packed with locals from the neighbourhood and old friends and fans from the past 30 plus years.  You can see the smiling faces walking in and greeting Toney as he is playing his own style of guitar. He always smiled back and acknowledged everyone who greeted him while he was in the middle of his famous jam sessions.

This is a guy who can easily take a 3 minute song and stretch it out to be a 20 minute epic song. A simple song like Bob Marley’s Jamming could go on for 10-12 minutes, and that is exactly what happened. Toney or Wild T, depending on how you know him, started things off with a chilled vibe and slowly brought it up to a boil.  I simply love the way he can go into a jam and begin to manipulate his guitar to do some pretty funky things. He has so many different techniques that this is a lesson for the advanced guitar players out there. For the audience we get one hell of an entertaining show.

He decided to throw in a brand new song and it was a solid meat and potatoes rocker that had a great mid tempo groove. He churned up the burning pot and rocked out “House is burning down”, and he made it burn! It was the moment the crowd really woke up and people began to get closer to the stage. His pull with an audience was fascinating to watch.

Wild T went back to Bob Marley with the classic 3 little birds and went into his classic jam session and even threw in a little Michael Jackson move- you know the one I am talking about. The grab, the squeeze, the high pitched vocals, the women laughing with delight…

With each jam session he throws out there, the more creative he get with how the jam can spread across your soul: The classic moves, like the ol’ behind the head routine, the playing with your teeth, having every rock pose down to a fine art. He does it all and more, because he carries decades of playing and coming up with new way to impress.

So, if you have a chance just to witness Wild T and the Spirit, you must do it. If you have a chance to see him in an intimate setting like the Linsmore Tavern, you should run to the Danforth and get there early for a great view of this explosive performer.

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