Getting Wild at the Horseshoe

Getting Wild at the Horseshoe

I popped into the Horseshoe just to do a quick pick up and leave. While I was there I saw this band get on stage and decided to stay for a bit. A interestingly disheveled young lady got on stage and looked like she just woke up from a stupefied rave that may have gone wrong. Her name is Vivienne Wilder and her band consisted of a guitar player, a drummer and a sax player, with her on bass.

I sat and watched this band run through original material that had a wild trashy sound to it. It was raw and unfiltered and very catchy. It sort of reminded me of very early Roxy Music with their raw glam rock sound, except this band didn’t sound like they were at a swanky party filled with hedonists, they sounded like the hangover after the party for hedonists.

Their style of Garage Glam had me hooked and I stayed to catch their full set. I particularly liked the sax played. His playing was simple, straight forward but added a power to this mixture of unaltered and erratic noise. It felt like drinking many cans of Red Bull mixed with over proof rum.

I don’t know anything about this band, but Blast Toronto, will dig a little deeper to get you more information about this emerging talent that is about to spill its guts on a stage near you soon.

Here are some images of Vivienne Wilder:

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