Getting FAT!!!

Getting FAT!!!

OK, somebody asked me, what was my experience seeing the Toronto Band, “Fat as Fuck”! The closest thing I could think of is eating a pound of Mac and Cheese while Jesus is entering your home. It is a pure decadent and spiritual experience rolled into one.

Here are a bunch of guys dressed in their Pete Townshend white jump suits and covering their face with something out of A Clockwork Orange. You will be shocked by their unusual look, but more shocked by the wall of noise hitting you on a metaphysical level.

With song titles like, Johnny doesn’t drink, Kraken anymore…, and Civil Wargasm, you know you have entered into a secret society of laviousness and gluttony. The audience was in the throes of devotional upheaval and rumpus joy.

The one thing I want to state is, I love a great horn section, and this band owns one of the most joyous brass sections I have ever heard. Please, if you enjoy a great horn band, make it your mission to get out and see this band.

View images from the performance below:

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