Gary “Rockabilly” Tate

Gary “Rockabilly” Tate

In the small eclectic space called Castro’s Lounge, I find myself sitting beside a DJ names Gary Tate. He was there to see the rockabilly band The Greasemarks, and then listen to his radio session that he recorded for Castrosradio1. That’s right Castro’s has their own radio station now, and it is a great extension of the great music they showcase in their establishment. Gary Tate will be one of the reasons this formula will work here.

Mr Tate started writing just over 20 years ago for such publications like, Barrel House Blues, Maple Blues, Columbus Blues Alliance, Natchel Blues Network, Long Island Blues Society, Colorado Blues Society, East Coast Blues, just to name a few. Gary 17 was the first person he wrote for. You can find Gary 17 on Facebook. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge when it came to the history of Rockabilly music. He was pulling names out from over 50 years ago and the importance of these artists. I had to find out his passion for this music. He simply stated that it was fun, exciting and straight to the point. A meat and potatoes sound for those with a hearty appetite.

As we are listening to his program, you can hear him say, “Get up, get ready, and get to it”. Gary likes to keep it simple, straight, and he gets to it! He is so comfortable playing really obscure music that you will never hear on other radio stations, that he just sits back and hits the play button.  His little obsession with this kind of music is when he got his first computer. He found tons of information about rockabilly and then just started to download and then downloaded some more, and just kept on going.

I then asked Gary what he loves about being a DJ, and he replied, “Every time you put a program together, you are putting your reputation on the line”. Oh and by the way, you get free CD’s too. Since 2008 Gary has been spinning what he loves.  If you enjoy the occasional rockabilly tune, check out Gary’s program, and I believe he will convert you into a full blown fan of this infectious music.

To hear Gary you can find him on these stations. on Friday’s at 8 pm. on Friday’s at Midnight on Thursday at 3am for you night owls.

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