Frankie Foo and the Yo-Yo’s dispense pure joy

Written by Joe Taylor

June 25, 2016

I walk into Grossman’s Tavern a little late, but I hear great sounds of Ska. I love Ska and can’t wait to be entertained. The band is ending their first set with, “I’m in the mood for Love”, Ska Style. I mingle with the Crowd, and all I hear, just wait for the next set. So I wait. I talk to the lead singer, Toby, and I know I am in for a treat.

Well this next set bring to musical realms that I am not used to with a Ska attitude. We start with Pure Ska happiness, then move into a drunken Mariachi band. We move to New Orleans with Hypotonic Jazz.

I look into the crowd and I am overwhelmed by watching each dancing member of the audience burst into a collective force of Fairy dust. The band moves into what feels like Late Night Music, Ska Jazz Style. Then there is a James Bond Spy music theme running through the crowd. French Cabaret shows up next, and 3 saxophones are plowing your mental street with various sounds and colors.

If this little description doesn’t get you to at least pursue to see this band once in your life, clearly your Rock is still on top of you. Please climb out.

View images from the performance below:

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