Having a Hoggy Foggy Christmas

Foggy Hogtown Boys

Written by Joe Taylor

December 20, 2016

It’s Friday night and the Silver Dollar is hosting a Christmas Party with The Foggy Hogtown Boys. They are a Bluegrass band that wants everyone to have fun in their space. First off, it’s a Friday night and the beer was flowing well, the snow was falling and everyone wanted to stay indoors and party.

The Foggy Hogtown Boys hit the stage and began the evening with a traditional Country instrumental. They quickly went into an entire set of Christmas songs. Each song has its own unique flavour and story line. There were songs about winter time, and songs about  outdated Christmas songs like “Call Collect”.

They even went into a song about going into debt at Christmas, and about Daddy get drunk on Christmas. They were fun and lighthearted songs. They even did the classic, “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”. We were treated to a Christmas in prison. They finished their set with the beautiful version of “Starlight of Bethlehem”.

The evening was filled with plenty of smiles and happiness. There was a couple named KoKo and Michael(Aka-Turkey Head) who took over the dance floor and showed everyone a good time.. The next two sets went back to the Bluegrass sound. The Boys invited on stage players like, Alex Pangman, Tom Parker, Justin Rutledge, and Drunk fiddlin’ Santa (AKA- Tony Allen).

Overall it was a very warm and heartfelt room on a very snowy night. I just hope The Foggy Hogtown Boys make this a traditional annual event.

For more on them   go to … http://www.foggyhogtownboys.com/

For other shows at The Silver Dollar got to… https://www.silverdollarroom.com/

View images from the performance below:

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