Feeling Rich with Po’ Boy Jefferys

Feeling Rich with Po’ Boy Jefferys

Starting off the evening with a funky Kazoo and a song about a Yam Yam tree, the crowd at Press Vinyl Café settled in for an evening of original old music from 60-100 years ago. Po’ Boy Jefferys sat in his chair and gave us a history lesson on some of the old songs people have forgotten about over time. He was pulling out songs from artists like Washboard Sam, Big Bill Broonzy and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot. Heck, he even pulled out the one of the great classics of all, Robert Johnson.

His style of music crosses many genres and yet he sews them together seamlessly. He has a country sound, a Blues sound and a Folk sound. Each song has its own story and charm, even though most of the songs have a depressing twist to it, but what did you expect some of these songs came out of the depression era. Songs about love lost, struggles and even death.

Part of the charm of his songs is the fact that he can pull out this kazoo to add to overall feeling of the song. It may not be the prettiest Kazoo, but you may be impressed by the sheer size of it.

Po’ Boy even looks the part of the songs he sings with his Country shirt and moustache he has a  low harmonious voice that can really carry the feeling of these songs. Check him out on Facebook and find out where he is playing. This guy can be seen around town playing places like the Local, Castro’s and even busking in the subway. You may miss him in the summer because he is planning on going over to British Columbia to play a festival in the northern part of BC.

He finished the evening off perfectly with a very dramatic version of St James Infirmary. He finished the evening of with death. How does this guy leave you smiling with such dark and depressing songs? You have to check him out when you have a chance.

Here are some images of Po’Boy:

On a side note, The JEM series which happens at Press Vinyl Café on Tuesdays is now being switched to Wednesday evenings at 7pm starting March 13th with Max Brand and the Hogtown Rebels. Come out and enjoy some music and maybe pick up a record or two. The coffee is really great as well.

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