Everyone gathered in their Masses!

Everyone gathered in their Masses!

OK, I am sitting in the lawn section of the Molson Amphitheatre and I quickly notice the audience is made up of fans that were not even born when Black Sabbath had their reunion tour back in 1999. I think they were there because their parents talked about the importance of Black Sabbath, while they were growing up. Yes, I am feeling like an old Rocker, but I don’t care, I am amongst young energy that has come to see the Godfathers of Heavy Metal! Their curiosity is warmed up by a lot of old fans that freak out to the opening number, “Black Sabbath”!

I don’t think anyone in the crowd figured that” Black Sabbath”would be the opener. What a great way to celebrate the final tour!  They followed up with “Fairies wear Boots”, a crowd favourite. The third song was a true Sabbath gift, with, “After Forever”. Any true Sabbath fan would be singing out loud…”Would you like to see the Pope on the end of a rope…Do you think he is a fool?”

Just when you think you are blown away, Sabbath takes you to Outer space with the, In your face song, “Into the Void”! I look around and the young participants don’t really get where they are, because “Into the Void” and “Snowblind “, are songs for the true veterans. Then the sing along comes into play, “War Pigs”.  Boy, can you hear all the true Sab fans singing this song as it is coming to a close.

WOW, we are only half way there and Sabbath pull out classics like, “Behind the wall of sleep”,”N.I.B.”,”Rat Salad”, and “Hand of Doom”. I think every Sabbath fan was going to have a stroke when you heard the opening notes to “Hand of Doom”.

Sabbath fans were elated to finally hear the classics, “Iron Man”, Dirty Women”, and “Children of the grave”. This was a time when old fans and new fans were truly bonding with what seems like a lifetime of musical lessons coming from a band that defined an entire musical genre. The audience was crazy and respectful, because they knew this was a special event. Old and young fans gathering together to celebrate one of the most defining acts to ever stand on stage and redefine your psyche in less than two hours. Black Sabbath has been doing this to us for nearly 50 years.

I am sure young fans wanted to see the crazy shit Ozzy is known for, but real fans were there for the music. I am happy that I got to say goodbye to the Greatest Metal band that ever existed, and I did it with a bunch of teenagers. There is hope for music fans in today’s world.

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