Duffy’s is West of Hell

West of Hell

Written by Joe Taylor

April 14, 2019

I made my way down to Duffy’s tavern to catch 3 Metal acts I have never seen before. The show was to start at 9pm, but was rudely interrupted by something called a playoff game. So I sat and watched half a game of Hockey before the first band went on.  The first band hailed from Niagara Falls called Duskwalker.  As the band was setting up there was some chanting going on. The crowd grew restless even after a fine night of Hockey.

Well the band promised and delivered a monstrous sound with strong guttural vocals crushing your senses. There was plenty of hair flipping and head banging going on to keep this party solid. We had plenty of power stances as well as intense looks that burned into you sensitive eyes. The songs they played seemed a little longer than normal, but had plenty of changes to keep their vibe original. We all locked Devil horns and were solid to go all evening. The band finish its set with the singer complaining that his neck was in pain. He was giving it his all, after all.

Here are a few images of Duskwalker’s performance:

We go to the other side of Canada and welcomed a Vancouver band called Expain. They had a Thrash Punk energy to them and easily turned it up to 11. They were rancid, putrid and vile, everything you want from a band like this. The level of intensity was out and out scary, because the lead sing reminded me of a cybernetic vulture ready to rip out your eyes and eat them for appetizers. The funny thing is they had moments of melody, then maniacal mayhem and spewed mental mechanics in your face all within one song.

The singer was happy with the turnout of about 30 people at Duffy’s. He said there was about 30 more that the last time they played Toronto. Hey Toronto, let’s get that number up to 60 next time they are here. This is your challenge. They went into a new song called “Head bang your head off”, and finished with a similar song where you felt like your brain was bored by an out of control jackhammer. These are the kind of seizures I look forward to when I hear this kind of music.

Here are a few images of Expain’s performance:

Finally, we reached the last band of the night, and I couldn’t wait, because I heard they were something special. Well that was a bit of an understatement. Where do I begin? Let’s start with the musicians. They came off as a well oiled machine and were in perfect synch with one another. Then along comes the singer. The simplest way to describe him was like watching a caveman on a vodka bender and trying to read a road map backwards. He was a soul with his own world created in his head. He was a relic of the 80’s Metal scene with the classic banshee wails as well as an inarticulate throaty vibe that harbored the years of living hard. He had a few tricks up his sleeve as he created his own mosh pit as well as make sparks fly from a power tool. At the end of the evening they introduce a song called, “Sorcery of water”, which simply meant to raise your Rock goblets and drink the mead that makes Vikings out of all of us. If you didn’t stumble out of Duffy’s after seeing these three fierce band, you did something wrong. They were all there to get your brain buzzing so hard that you would wake up sometime next week.

Here are a few images of West of Hell’s performance:

So remember Toronto, I want to see 30 more of you next time Expain is in town to throw up in your face. With that said you can go to https://www.facebook.com/Expainmetal/ and check when they will be in our Rocking City again.

T o see more on Duskwalker, go to… https://www.facebook.com/DuskwalkerOfficial/  If you are ever by the Falls go check them out!

To check out the craziness and zaniness of West of Hell go to… https://www.facebook.com/pg/WestofHell/about/?ref=page_internal/

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