Drumhand – Contretemps


Written by Joe Taylor

October 01, 2016

Drumhand is a Toronto based band that utilizes the full spectrum of percussion. They have a world sound that travels to places like Africa, South America, Cuba and India. Their jazz influenced polyrhythm can flow free and easy or take you on a journey of intense flavor and provocative meditation. This is a band that has great live appeal to all ages, because they engage themselves into the elated audience.

Their CD Contretemps is filled with elaborate interpretations and a piqued view that stands alone for the listener to feel. The opening track, “Twenty Four Seven”, begins with a strange accapela  opening that slides into a rhythm that dances through a rain forest of zany delights. The communication has an elegance and waggery  that keeps you strolling through this piece with the exuberance of the energizer bunny.

“Bobo”, has the energy of unique observations from a West African country dealing with French intervention. The flute solo sounds both confused and in jeopardy. It’s like someone who is lost and grabbing you for quick directions.

“No Rush’, comes off as a moral claim to the people who went out to make a living and prosper, but got screwed and had to go home with their tails between their legs. Since then something called Corporations were born and changed everything that happened, and promised an easy and beautiful life to all of you, who would buy in. I love the Sax solo, because it is so carefree, that it doesn’t care about the big corporations of today.

“Five easy pieces”… I am going to be completely honest here. I saw the Jack Nicolas movie when I was much younger, but I don’t know if this has and any connection to that movie. It is a free flowing jazz piece with African rhythms that get you flowing down a spiritual river. The mild tempo chanting ia a very fun ride, that will want to ride over and over again.

“Some Debts”, slowly starts off almost with a Mile Davis aura, and then slips into a full on classroom experience of how we live our lives. It is simple, straight forward and honest. This song was inspired by the book, Payback by Margaret Atwood.

“Dead Reckoning”, starts as a ritualistic opening and grows into a majestic time signature. It is criminally tortured and challenges you to sit through a myriad of creative constructs that keep you mesmerized. This ten minute narrative makes you walk within the psychic conscript of your insight of where you want to walk through. Only you have the key to unlock the enigma of this complex conundrum.

We finish with the multi-layered noise of Belle Du Nord. It is a confusing piece that demands a claim to your stamina of openness. It sounds simple and complex, but leaves you with a postcard of a journey, most every band could never complete.

This is not a CD for the Top 40 listener, but for the listener, with every intent to explore musical landscapes. For musical Brave hearts and rhythmic Gurus, this is a CD for your collection. Drumhand demonstrated pure awareness and openness to its listeners and provides a vast horizon to those who like to venture down a path less travelled. I love this CD and their live performance is something to truly be revealed, only to you and you personally.

Please find out more about this musical treasure at… https://www.reverbnation.com/drumhandmusic

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