Digging The Roots!

Digging The Roots!

Digging Roots was in the beautiful space known as The Great Hall. This should be a regular ritual, as this band builds their tribe of loving supporters. The band started with a funk based blues groove and then went into straight forward rockers that indulged the audience.

They got around to do a Springsteen cover, ”Cover Me”. Things got interesting when you realize I know this song, but I am hearing it for the first time. Then a classic song, “Cut my Hair”, protested the negativity that is happening to today’s world. It is then I realize I am in a 60’s psychedelic trip and I don’t want to leave. Digging Roots do that well. They get your attention, then invite you in, and next thing you know you are inside their sound. Just like grade 8 girl who says yes to you when you get up enough courage to ask her dance.

The evening finished off when a beautiful dance circle was formed. The spinning energy around the front of the stage seemed to be a beautiful thank you to a band that took us on a magical journey. This is a band that wraps a giant hug around the room and doesn’t give up until everyone in the room knows they are special.

To learn more about this band go to http://diggingrootsmusic.com/

View images from the performance below:

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