David Barrett Trio- Infinito

David Barrett Trio CD review

Written by Joe Taylor

March 15, 2024

A Baby Butter Review

The David Barrett trio is a progressive Rock outfit and their sound is finger licking good, but not in that greasy way. Their new release, “Infinto”, is an all instrumental record of themes that are not too light or too dark. The titles of the songs look mysterious at first, but if you sit down long enough you will figure it out. My initial reaction was this is filled with more moods than it is with emotions. Take their opening number, “Siete”, this one is filled with a myriad of moods than trying to convey a story.  The next piece, “Cuato”, sends off a progressive vibe but with a kind of surfing sound. In fact they even do a similar one called,”Cero”,that is really trippy, like you are surfing with an metaphysical alien.

Overall this is a really refreshing album to listen to, because it feels that the band has completely gelled throughout the entire process. There is an ebb and flow from beginning to end. “Sies” comes off with a bluesy sound that bounds with joy, and then you get, “Once”, that fills your head with a huge soundscape. This one is not about the little details, because it is so open and majestic.

David Barrett really shines when he slips into the blues, because he seems to be channeling all those rich blues player that never really got the true recognition they deserved when they were creating amazing music. I will leave that up to your adept ears to pull apart. Scott Matthews really fills in the space well with his bass and keyboard work. You rarely find a gap, because this guy flourishes in the realm of holding all the sounds together like a master. Paul DeLong is one of the hardest working drummers today. His style of drumming is always fresh and exciting. He makes David sound really great as they banter back and forth and creates a drive that feels like a  race car going through an obstacle course. Paul does get to shine on one of the tracks, “Uno”, as he flies through a variety of drum patterns that holds sway between a drum solo and a real statement.

What got my feathers flying was the tune, “Infinto”, where it starts of quiet and gentle and then lumbers into a metamorphic vibrational state and then eventually it collapses onto itself, as if Infinity itself swallowed it up.

The final piece of the “Pi” is very fat and filling and filled with oodles of calories. You better watch out thou, they eventually change the menu and if you are not careful it may give you a tummy ache. It is a pretty long piece, and I thought it would have been brilliant if the tune was only 3:14 minutes long. I guess that was my Pi in the sky concept. No worries this is an absolute gem for the listeners.

Well fellow proggers, this bird really does fly and you can pick up your copy, for your collection at:

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