Dave’s Executive Party!

Dave’s Executive Party!

One of Toronto’s favourite guitar players just released a two piece album. Down worry each piece is 14 minutes long, so you will be getting your money’s worth, but this is for another article coming soon. Dave hosted an album listening party for anyone who wanted to show up. Who did not want to show up, there was wine and cheese. The cheese was provided but a guy I now call Cheesy Pete. Thank goodness he didn’t bring his partner, Saucy Jack, (Yes I have inserted a Spinal Tap joke here).

We had the usual suspects show up. That would be the diehard rush fans. The reason was that Terry Brown of Rush fame helped produce this wonderful project. The fun doesn’t stop there, because this is the Dave Barrett trio. The other two thirds of this odyssey were the very happy team of Kevin Comeau and Cody Bowles of Crown Lands fame. Now this is a team made up of experience, enthusiasm and creativity.

The party was held at a very exclusive place of business called Executive Stereo. They sell high end studio equipment. I would urge you audiophiles to peruse this establishment, because the pieces they have are both modern, but look like museum quality designs.

The gathering was quite eclectic as you could overhear tidbits of their personal stories in the music field. It was very down to earth with a very stylish setting. It had all the fixins’ for a healthy prog head to reveal his inner child and play with the like-minded.

Dave’s review will be up soon, as I am just listening to this album as I write this. If you want to see what great stereo equipment looks like and sounds like I urge you to check out Executive Stereo.

Here are a few images from the listening party:

Find them here… https://executivestereo.com/

To get Dave’s new album go to… http://www.davidbarretttrio.com/

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