Dave Barrett – Mayapan

Dave Barrett – Mayapan

It seems that out of the blue Dave Barrett comes out with a new album, yes album with only two instrumentals on it. Mind you, both instrumentals are 14 minutes long and seem to have a lot to say. Well let’s go back a bit before we analyze this new piece of magic. The two other players on this recording are Cody and Kevin from the Rock Band Crown Lands. The guy who produced this well oiled machine was the mechanic for Rush back in the 70’s, Terry Brown. These ingredients mixed together will give you a new taste of today’s Progressive Rock, mixed with some new age and the droning of some newer bands like God is an Astronaut, just with a more mature flare.

Mayapan is a story without words but with meaning. Put your headphones on and sink into Side 1, Beneath the desert. It begins with a solemn sound, but has a sense of something else around the corner. It builds up as time stands still and monuments are erected and the receiving of introspection is the gift. This begins a downward propulsion into a millennia of spiritual progress, that will resonate throughout your ethereal being and bring forth a chrysalis of creation. The levels of depth you are experiencing will have you clamouring for evolution and you radiate into the unknown with no fear or mistrust. Not too shabby for side 1.

Side 2, Mayapan opens with the first note sounding like a new Genesis or Yes album. The first guitar riff sounds like a little tribute to Rush. I hear a little bit of Red Sector A in it. Once the journey breaks through into a new world, the only thing left to do is explore. Once implanted, it is time to leave your roots and journey upward.

This is where the flood gates open and washes you clean and you rise as a sanctioned being with a purpose. This would be Dave’s sanctification with the listener. It is simply an undulation of joy being celebrated through the faction of a growing significant being. Pure satisfaction.

Well, that’s my humble little opinion on Dave’s new sound and the fact that our new rockers Cody and Kevin have had a chance to spread their creative wings with this project. Who should pick this up? Well music lovers, I would say people that enjoy Progressive music, guitar fans, and mostly people who have the patience to listen to anything longer than 3 minutes. Each 14 minute piece seemed a little short for me, but I do love my epic pieces.

Here are a few images of Dave Barrett:

To buy this piece of art rock, simply go to… http://www.davidbarretttrio.com/

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