Dany on the Danny

Dany on the Danny

There is a new spot to see music these days. It is at Danforth and Main Rd and the place is a record store called Press Vinyl Café at 2442 Danforth Ave. Every Tuesday night at 7pm, a different act comes in and takes over the store for a couple of hours. This time it was charmed by a young singer songwriter named Dany Horowitz. He is new to the stage but you couldn’t tell by the way he handled himself, as he communicated between songs.

He opened up his set with a song I am just hearing around town called “No Heroes here”. He started off with a sad song only to go into a happy song. It seemed he is a well balanced songwriter because he would switch back and forth with happy and sad songs. He is recording some new material with other musicians, but on this night he was alone and exposed with just an electric guitar. If I had to give you a comparison, I would say his voice is similar to Paul Simon, but his song style would lean into Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and Leonard Cohen. At one point he did a song that was inspired by a John Lennon saying, “Simply because”. John would have liked this song. He then went and paid tribute to Paul McCartney with a song called “Something will happen”. It was reminiscent of Paul’s song “Calico Skies”.

Like most artist, he did a lot of songwriting during Covid, and came out with a lot of really great songs. Clearly this was a very rich period for him. Heck, he even wondered if you take mind altering drugs do you have to create epic songs or can you still write a great folk song? These are questions artist ponder during their creative periods. One of those songs was a really positive song called, “I will love you forever”. He also did a twist with a Leonard Cohen song by changing the title from, “Take this line”, to “Take your line”, and recreated a new song from it.

He dedicated a U2 song to a good friend Wayne who couldn’t make it out. I wonder if he still hasn’t found what he is looking for. As he was coming in for a landing on his second set, he hit the audience with a couple of solid songs. One was about drinking whiskey, four fingers worth. The other song seemed to be about letting the light lead your way with, “Shine on bright eyes.

Dany finished his show off with a song that made me do a Robin impression. I started to listen to “Home is where the heart is”, when my mind quickly jumped to Holy Paul Simon, Batman! This is about as close as you can get to an authentic sounding song by Paul Simon as you can get. Dany Horowitz may be a new act to the club circuit game, but he has something to add to the musical fabric of this city. If you are into Folk music, this is a name you want to keep close to you as you scour the city for new music.

Here are some images of Dany Horowitz:

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