The Dakota Tavern celebrates Life

Dakota Tavern

Written by Joe Taylor

November 25, 2016

The Dakota is turning Ten years old and instead of blowing their own horn, they set up a special show. The show is the Alzheimer Society Music Project.

It is all about giving the gift of music to people with Alzheimer’s. It is a free program that helps improve the quality of life. The program boosts mood, cognitive function and communication. All you need to do is donate your Ipod. It is that easy. I will attach the form you will need to send your Ipod. I will also add their web address if you need more information.

The Dakota Tavern are even selling special 10 year anniversary T-shirts with the proceeds going to the Music Project. I suggest you make it over to The Dakota at 249 Ossington Ave and pick one up for yourself or a gift. Christmas is right around the corner.

Shawn who has worked at The Dakota for the last 10 years was our MC for the evening. The crowd first watched a five minute clip about a man named Henry. You can see how a man who practically looks immobile listens to one of his favourite songs and comes back to life. Here is the clip we all got to watch.

Shawn then introduced us to the evening’s entertainment, Elliott Brood. My first thought upon hearing the singer was if Bryan Adams sang some awesome Country music he would change his name to Elliott Brood. The name Elliott Brood is actually a bastardized version of the Fem Fatale character in the movie The Natural. They formed in 2002 in Toronto, but currently work out of Hamilton these days. It is pretty cool of them to come to Toronto to play a benefit show.

Their Country sound has a pure feel goodness sway to it. Their song choices seem very personal and are very relatable. Songs like Jigsaw Heart , Oh Alberta, and The Bridge have a quality that everyone can get immediately. They even did some classic covers like, Runaway, Bad Moon Rising and Bob Seger’s, Still the same.

The second set started off slow and brooding, with a great monstrous ending. They soon went back to the feel good stuff like Cadillac Dust, and Garden River. They kept the crowd happy and moving well into a Tuesday evening. They even threw in banjo jokes about the United States. Overall, nothing but a lot of smiling going on in the Dakota on their 10th anniversary.

Don’t forget to send in your Ipods to the Alzheimer Society.

You can drop them off at The Dakota Tavern, just look them up here…

For more info on the Alzheimer Society, look up

To find out about the amazing Elliott BROOD, go to

View images from the performance below:

Check out a snippet of the performance below:

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  1. Nancy Creeden

    It was a fantastic night. Thank you Shawn


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