Crown Lands Rockin’ Mantra

Written by Joe Taylor

September 10, 2016

Now that I am on my forth listen to Crown Lands new EP- Mantra, I realize this two piece band has a similar sound to Monster Truck. Their energy has the big balls sound of great 70’s music and their confident grandstanding throws cold water in your face while you have been asleep listening to other music.

The opening track, “Being right”, has all the power of being on the Dr Phil show, telling the world that your partner is nothing but a right fighter. It is honest and frustrated at the same time.

The next song, “Mantra”, gets up into your face and pushes you to rock out as hard as you can. This Mantra swaggers with pure tenacity and arrogance. It is loud and brash with a touch of a classic Black Sabbath flavor. It is simply a ripping solid song!

Crown Lands slip into a much grooved based rocker that gets into your central zone of your essence and projects itself outward. Sweet Avalon stays alive for you to feel the rays of pure joy. It is high flying energy that does not want to you to come down to anytime soon.

When you listen to, “One good reason”, there is one good reason to hear this song. You have the chance to make things right again. It is a fortuitous moment to let your ego die and too truly feel the spirit of their groove, and also to win your soul back, but I am sure they will explain that on their next release.

Their last song on this hefty CD is, “Scott Fitzgerald”. This is a tribute to a great American writer that wrote the book- Tales of the Jazz Age. I enjoyed the mantra near the end of the song. It was very hypnotizing.

Crown Lands consist of Cody Bowles on sweet drumming and soaring vocals and Kevin Comeau on groovy guitar that makes your soul want to travel. They are loud and brash with the feeling of being in a very smoke filled room. I am not talking about cigarettes or vaping. These two have the cockiness to push themselves up the musical ladder. I look forward to what they will come up with next.

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