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Blasted Fan

Written by Joe Taylor

May 29, 2019

At the first long weekend of summer, Yonge  and Dundas Square held the first of many traditional Ribfest’s that will happen over the next few months. As the crowd was enjoying a cold libation with their choice of meat, the stage held entertainment all day long. When I arrived the band Selective Soul just hit the stage to please the loopy crowd. The band stuck to cover songs  from the 60though to the 80’s.The song choices were good, and would have even been better if the band had more practice. The lead sing looked like some lounge lizard rocker, who likes to puff out his chest an occasionally beat it to get a reaction. Like I said earlier thank goodness, there was a beer tent, because that is where the audience gave us some entertainment. They came out dancing they would fall down and then crawl back to the tent for another round.

Here are a few images from Selective Soul’s performance:

After watching that pitiful display of public drowsiness, the next band hit the stage. They call themselves Pink Leather Jackets, and by the end of the night you will remember their name, because they engrained it in our muddled psyche, by repeating their name several times. They were getting ready to release new original songs soon, and they did play them to a new and larger audience. It was well received and so they did what they needed to do to this crowd. Give them great cover song so they could fall down again. This new crowd seemed a little more sober and had fun dancing around to songs like, The Ramones, “Blitzkrieg Bop”, White Stripes, “Seven nation Army”, and Bill Withers, “Ain’t no Sunshine”. Here is a young band with a wealth of musical knowledge and the chops to make it look good and sound good.

The impressive thing about this band was that they did two sets at the Ribfest, packed up and went straight over to Cherry Cola’s for a third set. I think this may be the hardest working band in Toronto today. They gave it their all for three sets. If you would like to see them practice they do this every Tuesday at Southside Johnny’s in Mississauga. It will definitely be worth the trip out.

Here are a few images from Pink Leather Jackets’ performance:

To find out more about this hard rocking band go to…

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