Cosmofest - 5th annual

Written by Joe Taylor

June 09, 2019

Cosmo music store held their 5th annual CosmoFest last weekend with a resounding success. They offered everything from the latest in musical equipment to meet and greets from some international musicians to music clinics and even a live concert with excellent bands on the bill. There was something for everyone.

There was a huge tent plus the actual store selling the latest products at a reduced price. For you musicians wanting professional equipment, this was the place to be. It was a cornucopia of items that would leave your head spinning like an excited child.

If you just wanted to meet a musician, this one was for the fans. There was a meet and greet with the likes of Omar Hakim, Simon Phillips, Chilliwack and even Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden. Most of the place was filled with Iron maiden T-shirts as well as Rush T-shirts. Geddy Lee was also on board to sign his latest book, “The Big book of Bass”.

You could even attend a music clinic that had drummers and guitar players giving us their insight on their talent.

They Festival kept us fans hydrated with water. It was a pretty hot afternoon. If you were hungry there was no shortage of food, because there were a ton of food trucks pushing out their wares. That was a good thing, because parking was a bit of a pain. You could use the other businesses parking lots, but once those were full, you would have to walk that deadly mile to get through the gates. That was alright though because admission was free.

In the back was a huge beer tent that faced the main stage where the live performances were happening. Cosmo had their own house band to warm things up. Then we got to see Terra Lightfoot, Chilliwack, Finger Eleven and finally Sloan. Cosmo pulled out all the stops to please as many people as possible. Thousands and thousands of people came through that gate throughout the day, to do what they wanted. I wanted to meet some musicians and see some live performances. I have added some photos of my personal highlights of the day.

To sign up for next year’s party, use this website…

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