CD Reviews


Manganista – Shooting at Big Bang Seams

Manganista is a great pop band from San Diego and just released their newest Cd, ...
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Tintamare – Theoreme Du Nombre Critique

Tintamare is a band from Montreal and are making their way into the hearts of ...
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Marillion – FEAR

Marillion’s 18th release is not for a top 40 newbie trying to discover the new ...
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Drumhand – Contretemps

Drumhand is a Toronto based band that utilizes the full spectrum of percussion. They have ...
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Crown Lands Rockin’ Mantra

Now that I am on my forth listen to Crown Lands new EP- Mantra, I ...
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The Bentley Collection – Songs

Brooke Blackburn does not simply just put out songs, he creates photo albums for the ...
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Kayko needs practice

I recently saw the band Kayko play in the Beaches Jazz fest. Their sound was ...
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Raoul and the Big Time – Hollywood Blvd

If you dig the 50’s swing sound mixed with it some Rock and Roll and ...
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Ori Dagan- Less than Three

From the opening note, you know you are in for a treat. Ori covers Madonna’s ...
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Wilton Said- Half Life

Wilton Said invites his audience in for a collection of eclectic sounds and emotional altering ...
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Paul Reddick- Ride The One

It’s been about 8 years since Paul Reddick released a solo album. If you have ...
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