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Manganista – Hillbilly Bomb Shelter

Manganista is a band that has a wonderful ability to mix Pop music with an ...
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Piqued Jacks - The Living Past

Piqued Jacks – The Living Past

If you are young or young at heart and love Rock and Roll, this may ...
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Robin Hatch

Robin Hatch – Works for a Solo Piano

Robin Hatch is beautiful in a damaged kind of way. She is both confident and ...
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Tall Boys

World Famous Tall Boys – No. 2

Here is the great follow up to their smash debut CD No 1, the well ...
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Sound Chaser

Sound Chaser – Visions from the Present

Let’s start today off with a Cd that has the artwork of Roger Dean, yes ...
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Julian Taylor Band

Julian Taylor- Avalanche

Hearing Julian speak recently, he is describing his sound as Funk, Soul and Roll. With ...
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Dave Barrett

Dave Barrett – Mayapan

It seems that out of the blue Dave Barrett comes out with a new album, ...
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Dave Barrett

Dave’s Executive Party!

One of Toronto’s favourite guitar players just released a two piece album. Down worry each ...
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Must Stash Hat - Udomeu

Must Stash Hat – Udomeu

Must Stash Hat’s latest venture brings us six varied jamming gems. They are a band ...
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Laurie Dapice CD

Laurie Dapice – Parting the Veil

When I read the linear notes on this CD, it sounded very promising and full ...
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Anastasia Minster

Anastasia Minster – Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf is the shadowy child born through the vision of artist Anastasia ...
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Shahriyar Jamshidi Kamanche – The Lullaby of a Nomad

If you are the kind of quiet soul that thrives on new sounds that come ...
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