CD Reviews

The Hello Darlins

The Hello Darlin’s – Into the Sundust

The Hello Darlin’s are a soft Country Band with a warm and organic sound that ...
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Greg Wyard

Greg Wyard – Healing Melody

The moment you hear the bell and the words, I’m only Human, you know this ...
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Terry Draper Bread and Cirkus

Terry Draper- Bread and Cirkus

Terry Draper from the Band Klaatu released his latest project call Bread and Cirkus. The ...
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Jeff Moulton

Jeff Moulton- Labour of Love

Hello everyone, if you are the kind of person who works hard, and goes to ...
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My story about Yiannis

Like most stories of today, this takes place during Covid. While I was inside, I ...
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Sandra Bouza – Falling away from me

I got lucky a couple months back and got a copy of this CD and ...
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Carlos Alonso

Carlos Alonso- XLIX

When you listen to this outing by Carlos Alonso, the first feeling I got was ...
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Blast picks apart Zuffalo’s Birdbrain

I just had a zoom with Zuffalo about their new album, Birdbrain. The band consists ...
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Devouring Saturn

Devouring Saturn – Fortis Rebis

Reaching, striving for lofty goals, Devouring Saturn searches out it own personal levels of heavenly ...
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Art Griffin

Art Griffin – The Venus Variations

Art Griffin, one of Toronto’s premiere Prog Rockers comes out with some new sounds that ...
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Päter- Sole

Päter is a young Torontonian singer/songwriter with a lot of character. I recently was watching ...
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Holly Clausius

Holly Clausius – Sunflower EP

Holly Clausius is a young singer from the small Ontario town of Exeter. She just ...
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