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Coney Hatch – Coney Hatch

  Back in the 70”s we had our share of great Hard Rocking outfits producing solid riffs for the fans with the taste for something concrete. There was no shortage of Rush, Triumph and BTO. With the 80’s ushering in the new sounds of New Wave and Pop, was there...

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The Guess Who – American Woman

The 1970’s were just getting off the ground and fans of the Guess Who were about to be surprised. The band so far, was known for their more melodic pop tunes and ballads. Then you put this new record on and it starts off as a bluesy piece that jumps straight into an...

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Neil Young – Harvest

With over 50 albums to his credit, it is really difficult to just choose one great Neil Young album. So instead of debating this endless topic with everyone, I am sure you will see other Neil Young postings in the Canadian Shield. Harvest is Neil’s fourth solo album,...

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Spoons – Arias and Symphonies

The year is 1982 and Toronto was in a swirl of young electronic pop bands that were jostling for attention to get into the bigger spotlight. I recall bands like Images in Vogue, Blue Peter, The Parachute Club, Martha and the Muffins, Platinum Blonde, and Rough Trade....

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