Bubble Gum and Gin

Bubblegum Bikini

Written by Joe Taylor

February 26, 2024

You would think this combination would be terrible, but if you are talking about the band Bubblegum Bikini and you let them play at Reid’s Distillery, you have a one two punch that truly works. Reid’s Distillery has been hosting a variety of different talent that this city owns. When you show up to this place located at 32 Logan Ave, you feel like you are walking into a secret party that you shouldn’t know about. Its modern industrial look has a laid back attitude with a top shelf staff that really wants you to have an experience.

I found a small table near the stage and waited for Bubblegum Bikini to show up. By the way, I didn’t get in as Blast Toronto; I applied for a free ticket that they were giving away this evening: simply another reason to follow Reid’s Distillery.

With hints of bubblegum pink in their wardrobe, the band started the evening off with a Bee Gees song, but it felt like Stevie Wonder singing lead on this song. So far so good. What else do they have in store? What happened next was an hour long party of songs that seamlessly flowed from one song into the next.  I am talking about the great songs from the 1960’s to the 1980’s and even a little more of a modern twist.

I am talking about artists like Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Prince, James Brown and they even threw in some Amy Winehouse . The lead guitarist Mark may look like a hard working construction worker, but he has these unique high vocals that completely suits all these songs. He even snuck in a couple of my favourite songs like, “Sir Duke” and “Come and get your love”.

The band consists of the lead guitarist, a drummer, a trombone player, a sax player and a bass player. Although this is a very tight band the Bass player named John can really Slappa da Bass! It was hard not to notice his playing.

Well the high energy of the band was very consistent, because they came back for a second set and did not let up for a minute. These guys really want you to fill up the dance floor. They continued their playful onslaught with songs from Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson and the Temptations. But what really threw me and made me as well as the rest of the crowd smile, was Mark’s high vocals belting out” Girls just want to have fun”.

Well this band really had things signed, sealed and delivered with their party approach. They even vocally handed out some Hot Chocolate with “You Sexy Thing”. If you want to go out dancing with your partner, look no further and find out where Bubblegum Bikini is playing next and grab your best party shoes. I know where my next date night will happen with my wife…

Here are some images of Bubblegum Bikini:

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