Blackburn singing in the dead of night

Blackburn singing in the dead of night

The first thing I would like to say about Brooke Blackburn is, he the kind of fellow, that you would  be happy with, sitting in a boxcar travelling across country with a fifth of whiskey and soaking in his sounds. He has an original array of Blues that are heartfelt and joyous. His extending guitar solos will grab your attention, because they are not your traditional arrangements. They weave in and out of technical prowess and emotional drama.

“Walking in New Orleans” is a fresh and joyful tune, while” 4 Brothers” is warm embrace to his family of musical talent and support. Songs like “Friends”, and “The Gift”, has a simple heartfelt message, but delivers a wallop of complex and radical themes through Brooke’s guitar solos.

The song that stood out to me was, “Africa”. While I was listening to this soulful piece, I couldn’t help but think that Stevie Wonder should cover this song. Brooke, I think you should send this song over to Stevie later today. Brooke is a very warm and engaging singer, that invites you into his space, so you can enjoy his ride.

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Brooke performed at Joe’s Mamas

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