Blackburn Brothers- SoulFunkN’BLUES

Blackburn Brothers- SoulFunkN’BLUES

With its smooth opening groove, you are instantly propelled into a laid back funk that is filled with satisfaction. That’s how we are introduced to the Blackburn Brothers opening song, Bobby’s Blues: A tribute opening to an important family member. That is the thing about their music, it is very smooth. It is like dancing around in satin pajamas holding a snifter with Armagnac in it.

They slide into “She’s a Heartbreaker with its down and out groove that tears your heart out slowly and you seem to enjoy it. It’s cool and naughty. The middle solo has that awesome 70’s guitar sound that you have come to love so much.  Just think of Peter Frampton.

This release is exactly what you would expect this band to do. They have a very solid way of balancing the Funk, the Groove, the Mood and Emotion with every song they produce. “Let the Devil Play”, has a lot of fun and bounce, so if you are going downstairs, you will love dancing down those stairs! Then they pull you up again with “Soul Brother”. It has the right amount of groove and higher energy to fill a roomful of love minded people to elevate themselves to an open existence.

“Won’t you let me go”, has a Stevie Ray Vaughan blues groove that really wants to escape its miserable way of being. It is a very cool Blues tune that should be a single, along with other songs like, “Freedom Train” and, “Let the Devil play”.

Sister Rosa is a great choice to add in the mix with all these other song that has to do with all the trial and tribulations of a life. This one is a history lesson for everyone to carry. Nice choice.

I personally love “Be my Wife”, simply because this one of those great date night songs that couples today really need. It is a moment of pure fun to reconnect as a couple. “Little Sister”, is advice from a concerned friend. The Blackburn Brother finishes off strong with the final song called, “I don’t ever want to be alone”. It ends on a sweet note that is open and free. It helps you drift into a silent stream of consciousness that washes over your soul in a cleansing way.

I will put this out very simply. If you love living your life in a smooth and present fashion. If you love smooth advice from all areas of life: If you love a solid mix of Blues, Groove and Soul in your life this will be your next  purchase to permeate the feng shui you carry around with you all day long.

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