Belting it out in Belleville

Belting it out in Belleville

Larry or should I say Lawrence Gowan started a mini tour of Ontario and began his journey at the Empire Theatre in Belleville, Ontario. This city has not seen Gowan in a few years and was excited to be there. With a packed house, Gowan opened the show with his signature move, standing on top of his keyboard with arms stretched to the heavens. He jumped down and proceeded to start the show with his ever popular song “Cosmetics”. He quickly slipped into the ever bright and light song, “Walking on Air”. The third song got him rocking the audience with, “Awake the Giant”.

Gowan’s charm and energy already brought some fans to the front of the stage to do some dancing. With “Keep up the Fight” the audience was in full rocking mode. Then he switched gears and played the psychedelic tune, “Moonchild”, which turned into the unbelievably great Beatles song, “Tomorrow Never Knows”. He finished the set off with “Criminal Mind”, right before he went to take a well deserved nap.

The Second half saw Gowan come out and answer the question, “How was your nap”? His answer was he had a strange dream and woke up in a dress. There he was, in full regalia wearing his Scottish kilt. He turn the second have into a party with songs like, “Dancing on my own ground”, “Soul’s Road” and “All the lovers in the world” . Gowan decided it was time to reveal some new Styx material and went into a frenzied keyboard solo called,” Khedive”, only to have the incredible Todd Sucherman go into fanatical drum solo.

My personal highlight of the show has nothing to do with a Gowan song but a beautiful dedication to our fallen hero from Rush, Neil Peart. He did a keyboard version of “Limelight”. I truly became Verklempt at that moment. Thank you Lawrence.  The night would not be over until you ran down to the front of the stage and danced to “Strange Animal” and swayed to “Moonlight Desires”. Belleville was truly satisfied as the happy crowd immediately began talking about their favourite moment of the night. We all turned into a bunch of happy teenagers again, even though it may have been for only One Brief Shining Moment.

Here are a few images from the performance:

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