Art in the Park

Art in the Park

It is a perfect summer evening and it is being spent in Lee Lifeson Park in Willowdale. The acts performing are David Barrett and Jacob Moon. Crown lands are in the audience representing and they told me how excited they were to be working with Terry Brown, who produced Rush. It feels that this circle is complete.

Dave Barrett gets on first and starts with some great Alex Lifeson licks from earlier Rush albums.   The opening song was Discovery from 2112, and then he switched to Broon’s Bane and then went back and forth with some Steve Howe pieces. Eventually he brought on a singer to do a couple of original pieces. Paul Reid did the vocals and hit it with great execution.

Next up was Jacob Moon, with his unique way of play multi-layered sounds that can take you on a exclusive journey.His opening song was the Classic Peter Gabriel song, “Come talk to me”. My personal favourite part was when Jacob talked about the Marillion weekend and had a chance to open for them. He then went in and did, “Beautiful” by Marillion. Of course Jacob would include his Rush versions of, “Subdivisions”, and “Time stands still”. Dave Barrett came on to join Jacob and shared the quiet spotlight of this humble but unique stage. It was a fine event because most of the audience were Rush fans and even a few of them just walked off the street to witness this evening of fantastic guitar playing. Let’s hope this tradition continues.

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