Anastasia Minster – Hour of the Wolf

Anastasia Minster – Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf is the shadowy child born through the vision of artist Anastasia Minster. She is a young Russian song stylist that wants to bring her spectral vision into a new light. Upon the first listen it seems the Cd is fairly one dimensional because of its slow and moody nature. If you truly want to give this music a chance to take you over, I suggest that you light some candles in a very quiet place and let the sound wash over you. You will begin to open up to a space in your past that you haven’t visited in a while.

The music and lyrics become rich with symbolism and nuances that seep into the cracks of your depleted vacancies. In other words, these are the sensitive place you have stowed away and have not revisited in a long time. The opening piece is filled with loneliness and a feeling of tragedy. There is a portrayal of longing and being forlorn.

We continue with our songstress calling out for company but is left to be simply watched over by a stoic figure that does nothing. The music continues with plenty of stark, empty spaces, but if you truly listen, there is plenty of richness in those empty spaces. It carries very Black and White idealisms, but there are hints of colour that make this recording very lush.

Sleep, Sleep is one of the highlight of this conceptual story. With the moment of going to bed with the chance to dream, you can find yourself falling deeper into the recesses of your psyche and your soul. You may even awaken into a new dimension through transitional metaphysics. Be careful though, you may end up in a nightmare.

Anastasia Minister CD

The theme of feeling frail continues with songs about being dominated by strong forces, carrying you to places unknown. Pleading your case about being a good soul, but you don’t know if your message is getting through. There seems to be the need for protection and open safe passages to climb your way out of this domain that is closing in on you.

Another treasure on this recording is the dark and romantic song” When I die”. This song is a beautiful epitaph of spiritual freedom. It seems the dream of peace has a place to savour its personal paradise. The final notes are as close to a perfect ending that I could only imagine. When the final song comes in, there is a sense of reconnecting and the saxophone player does a beautifully sad send off. Like a rocket ship you are released back into the universe and you are holding the keys to ascension.

For all you dark romantics out there, this should be one of those Cd you would proudly display in your music collection. So….what are you waiting for?

To buy this Cd go to this website to get a limited edition copy. I know I am happy having mine…

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