Amelia Ear Heart Sonic Aviary Gets Lost

Amelia Ear Heart Sonic Aviary Gets Lost

The JEM Series that is happening at Press Vinyl Café every Tuesday hosted Amelia Ear Heart Sonic Aviary. If you like things all strange and freaky read this.

A band hits the stage and begins to broadcast to nowhere. They were flying through the Instagram waves looking to connect with desolate wanderers to force feed them a program of egg pies and burritos filled lactose tolerant cheese by products.

They opened the show with a tribute song to the night of the living dead in hopes to raise your spirits above the six feet that held your terrified soul. Were they talking about nightmares or tuning into the reality of horrors of today’s world. They had their own interpretive  dancer to add to the mood of the music. The message here was an illustrated commentary of a broken home with the Joker’s cousin as the Father figure and the Mother who used to be a Nun from a church that used to inspect funeral drums for their doctrine in petty sanctifications.

Here are just a few of the lyrical content of the evening with my help of trying to make sense of it all. They transitioned into something less likely, could mean they are going down the path of righteousness but in the wrong direction.

Check your self for parasites could mean, well just that. They washed the spider out just to paint the sky with tears of cyanide. In other words, the itsy bitsy spider doesn’t have a chance. And of course, the classic, Dad went to the store to buy cigarettes, but did he come home? I will let you answer that one.

For all you old psychedelic followers of the Band Gong from the early 1970’s these guys are following in similar footsteps. Gong walked the road on LSD, whereas Amelia Ear Heart Sonic Aviary seemed to trudge the path of nuclear sludge and melted flowers. At one point there was a reference of all the pigeons flying away, did he mean the people watching their livestream or simply the pain that was felt in our heart and heads? This is a band that is off to the races within the spaces of no return as paper cups spilled yogurt onto your forehead.

Is this band original? YES! Are you ready for a band like this, I will let you know the next time you are in the Twilight Zone.

Here are some images of Amelia Ear Heart:

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