All Aboard!

All Aboard!

Did you ever go to a party waiting for the main course to be served, but then you try out a new kind of tasty hors d’oeuvre and thats what you remember about the party. Well The Boxcar Boys were very tasty to a bunch of laid back people who looked very comfortable sitting at their table and watching this band. Their sound has a European, turn of the century, whimsical folk jazz kind of vibe. The tuba was full of oompapa, the accordion kept the grapes growing on the vine. The violin kept you swaying. The ear candy came from the skittles player, and the Clarinet led the charge into a good time. Their songs were short and sweet and kept you hankering for the next fun piece of music.

Just when you were truly getting complacence the band decided it was time for a stroll, and so off they went down the road filling the street full of cheer. People got out of their serene setting and headed off with them. It was like watching the Pied Piper work his magic. After about a block, they stopped in the middle of the road to bring in a new audience. This seemed to work, because after almost every song I notice a viewer go up to the band and give them some kind of compliment. Even the clarinet and violin player had a chance to have a little dance together.

Near the end of their set they took us back to where they started and finished like a good glass of wine. If you ever need time to chill out and realign your good mood, these guys will be your spiritual chiropractors.

Here are a few pics from The Boxcar Boys’ performance:

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