Alissa gets Loopy!

Alissa Vox Raw

Written by Joe Taylor

March 03, 2024

This was the last Tuesday Concert at Press Vinyl Café. Starting March 13th concerts will resume on Wednesday nights, so don’t worry Danforth Village, the music scene is just heating up.  For the final Tuesday night we had an opening act by the name of Joshua Jlatte Lopez. He is a guitarist who loves the blues. His style does stray away from the traditional sounding blues though. He began the evening with warm and mellow sounds that lead the crowd into a deep sense of relaxation. His Blues style is very smooth and soulful. He is the kind of guitarist that you would put on for a very lazy and relaxing afternoon lounging about.

His choice of cover songs were very well thought out. He did John Lee Hookers, Crawling King Snake, as well as Willie Dixon’s Spoonful. The guitar solo was dug deeply and proficiently. He really added some beautiful flavours to this normally straight forward tune. His vocal style also strayed away from a traditional sound. Even though he still had a raspiness and a little grit to his sound, his vocals were a little on the higher scale of things.

The key to his show was his extended intros. He would paint a vivid opening before he delved into the meat of the song. This extended way of playing added a lot of allurement to each song.

Here are some images from Joshua Jlatte Lopez:

Up next was a different kind of artist, Alissa Vox Raw, who plays many electronic devices and loops them to create a soundscape that forces you to feel certain ways. She slowly slid the listener into a hypnotic state of being. Her first song seemed to place you on a train and kept you is a state of suspense as she led you to believe that something was there. She then dulled you senses with a cheap Casio beat box, to her song “Crying in my head”, were you began to feel stressed out like getting stuck inside a Chinese water torture trap as  it relinquished a piece of your humanity.

She admitted she went out to the dollar store to buy cheap lights that she strings around her instruments, but when she mentioned she got the spinning lights at Honest Ed, the joy and nostalgia was felt in that room, wishing for those days to return. I also found out that on the last day of Honest Ed’s store closing they had a huge blowout party where each room was filled with different entertainers. Alissa was lucky enough to be a part of that event.

She loved introducing different pieces of her electronic collection. One of her songs called, “Absence”, contained a marimba that sounded Asian and the song felt like a deep longing from Amy Winehouse.  This woman really can create a variety of unique sounds. “Dark Places” slowly dragged you into it clutches all the while as you were trying to crawl away from it.

She finished the evening with her new song, “No Fear”.  I think this should be her final song of the evening for awhile. People got up and began to wiggle around on the dance floor, as if they had no fear. That is how Alissa Vox Raw approaches her original sound, with no fear.

Here are some images of Alissa Vox Raw:

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