Alexandra Willett goes BOOM!

Alexandra Willett goes BOOM!

When you think of folk singers you think Coffee Houses, Alexandra Willett thinks Breakfast Restaurant. Yes Boom Breakfast on St Clair hosted an evening with Alexandra Willett. She was there to showcase her new EP, Tip Toe.

The nervous yet excited Alexandra got on stage and opened with a song about Berlin. The song was sweet and dreamy. You quickly learned that this new singer has a very good voice, with a hint of Joni Mitchell, as she playfully unraveled her original material. She has that unique gift of universal humour that could put the entire audience at ease and have fun while they were listening. This performer can even scat when the time calls for one. Her vocal style is well rounded as she can mix it up to help make each song sound original. She knows how to put a personal stamp on her music. There were moments I felt she should stretch her vocal range and pull more out of a couple of her songs, but that will show up in the near future. I am sure of it.

She played with the audience with switching from happy themes to moments of sadness. When the happy songs came she got the crowd to clap along and sing along and even dance along. The audience was open to it all and it just made the evening special for everyone there.

I was particularly impressed with a song about the Irish music scene. It felt like a kind of love letter thanking them for their gifts that were given to her while she travelled there. Simply put, it was a very beautiful song.

Two people did join her and created a fuller sound. On percussion was Emily Schultz who seemed to flawlessly keep the sound intact. On Bass was Spencer Bridgwater. No this is not a typo, the man has no E at the end of Bridge. Seems to me there is a Bridg that is E-less over troubled water. Regardless, he did a wonderful job of keeping the sound well rounded.

Overall, if you do enjoy a flavourful folk sound, this is your new artist. She is a delight that will make you coming back to see what new happy and sad adventures she is on.

Here are a few images from Alexandra Willett’s performance:

P.S. You should look for her on Spotify, she only mentioned that about a hundred billion times throughout the evening.

Here is the link to her Spotify page…

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