A Variety Show on Queen St


Written by Joe Taylor

March 22, 2024

The Horseshoe tavern played host to 5 bands on Friday night, and each and every one of them came with a very different flavour and style. It was a typical Friday night, except I noticed there seemed to be a gaggle of parents in the audience. They were there supporting their favourite band. That would be the band that had their son in it. I had to laugh because this one woman told a guitar player to move closer to the middle so she could get the entire band in the photo. Now that is a Rock and Roll Mom for you.

The first band up is called City Circuits and they started the night off with some pretty fun pop tunes. They even had one called VHS. These guys are too young to even know what a VHS is. They finished their set of with what they called a sexy song. That’s when a woman in the audience screamed out, Take off your pants! The song is called, “Can’t get you out of my mind”. It had all the tasty fixings of a great 80’s ballad.

Here are some images of City Circuits:

The next band up was Lst in Hlywd.  You couldn’t help but notice the young singer. He looked like Tommy Bolin from T-Rex in full on heavy metal S&M gear. Their first song “Poison” certainly woke up the crowd.  They carried all the classic 3 chords of a modern punk rock outfit.  Once they made it through the typical little technical Fuck-ups, they became a solid rock outfit with some pretty energetic moves. The singer seemed to have both a masculine and feminine vocal blend. It really worked with the sound they were pushing. It reminded me of Avril Lavigne getting ready for her third date. There was a touching moment when he revealed that he was going to sing the first song he ever wrote. It was a teenage song to his girlfriend, who happened to be in the audience that night. He stepped off the stage and sang it to her. It was a very romantic Rock and Roll moment. Well the romance quickly changed when he asked if there was anyone in the audience that wanted a lap dance. Well his girlfriend got on stage and the show became a Chippendale’s show for wayward moves. Very Sexy!

Here are some images of Lst in Hlywd:

Koncepts came on next and started with a couple of cover songs. I have to admit, they did an excellent job of Phil Collins song, “Another day in Paradise”. Their original songs had some very sinuous moods flowing through it. They did a song about silence that started off with a slightly disturbing throb and then the melody soothed you back into a more positive mood.  They even did a song that I can only describe with a meaning like, your eyes that can see you, even though you can’t see yourself.  They finished their set off with an absolutely awesome version of Phil Collins,”In the air tonight”. The drummer really nailed his part at the end, with his drumming skill at the top of his game. The boys dressed in some pretty classy suits and performed under those hot lights. It was pretty sexy.

Here are some images of Koncepts:

Well after that classy set, Meez came on slamming like an echoing warrior from a nether region. They are a groove oriented psyche-punk outfit. With erratic moments in their songs they keep you feeling unstable and questioning your emotional response. They have the ability to flip song style styles faster that you can flip a coin. For some strange reason I can only feel these guys are intellectual morons with their stage presence. They are real marketing geniuses as well because they were handing out buttons like candy coming from the back of a van. This really was a ploy to get the audience to move closer to the stage. Then they would go into a brain crushing song while people would be stuck at the front of the stage, but don’t worry they did something of a dance number to get the audience moving. It was hard to look away from the singer, because he kind of looked like a tattooed biker, part construction worker and part Cro-magnum man. It was kind of sexy, if you are into that sort of thing.

Here are some images of Meez:

We finally worked up a sexy sweat to be introduced to a band called Byrdy. What sounded like a car crash in slow motion, those dreaded opening notes began a passion plea of being a disjointed and forlorn vampire that was starving for oozing liquid gold.  The lead singer has this ravishing operatic voice that commands epic searches. The sound of the band is not fully metal, but they do journey into the realms of lost regions and mental anguish.

You can’t help but notice the lead guitar player because of his black mask, who adds a slightly sinister disquieting in your soul. You also couldn’t help but notice the drummer who took his shirt off after just 3 songs. Was it because he was so hot? Well there was a woman in the audience who screamed she wanted him naked. What a sexy moment.

The band really woke up the crowd with their cover version of Kate bush’s “Running up that hill”. They all moved forward and began dancing around. They finished the evening off with their brand new song, “Misery”. Without a doubt, this is their finest song so far. I look forward to hearing what they will do next, because they really have musical momentum with this new song.

Here are some images of Byrdy:

Overall, I can truly say this was a really, what kind of evening…?


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  1. Luis

    Awesome night at the show. Amazing review by JoJo and always great to spend some time and tunes with friends.


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