A timid evening at the Tranzac

A timid evening at the Tranzac

I walked into the Tranzac to escape the cold for a while and came across a very young singer named Dana Gavanski. It was just her and her guitar, as she sat in front of friends and patrons. She seemed a little bashful as she started her set. But warmed up with an honest smile every time she looked into the audience.

She has a bit of a unique voice. Some of her style has a breathiness to it, that reminds me of Imogen Heap and then when she is done being breathy, she sounds slightly light a light version of Sinead O’Conner. Her entire set was quiet and mostly pensive. Her songs come across like a young woman who is exploring her emerging philosophy and viewpoints. The music was played at the same pace throughout the set, as if she likes being inside a safe little bubble.

Dana mentioned she has just recorded some music and the 7 inch will be released in April. It will be released on all different platforms and will be called, “One by One”. She is also working on a full length release, but has no date just yet. So if you enjoy soft sweet vocals and a relaxing sound as you sip your chamomile tea, this may be right for you.

It was sweet when she asked the audience if it would be alright if she played two more songs. The final song was called, “Broken Seems”, and it did seem to be the right song to finish of her performance.

Here are some pics from Dana Gavanski’s performance:

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