A Night of Classic of Heaviness


Written by Joe Taylor

March 24, 2024

What I love about the Rockpile is their dedication to preserving the heavier side of music. This night was no different, because the first band to hit the stage was, Piss Rug. They are a brand new band and this was their first gig. There had to have been a son of someone in this band that had a Father who loves heavy music. I am sure he was feeling proud that his boy started his career on the Rockpile stage. Tonight this stage belongs to the local legends Warmachine, who have been banging our heads since 1994.

Piss Rug hit the stage with a mixture of excitement and nervous energy. They played two styles f music, one being grunge and the other Surf Punk.  They even got the full stage show treatment will a full on light show including lasers. It made this green band look like the pros. By the time they got to the end of their set, the band finished the evening with Nirvana’s , “Smells like teen spirit”. It seemed that they brought their own cheerleaders with them, because there were a bunch of young people in the audience holding Piss Rug signs and screaming like they were at a Beatles show. It was quite entertaining to watch, as the boys seemed to play with a lot more enthusiasm. Hey, there was even a bra thrown at the lead singer. As the blushing singer figured out what just happened, I was thinking-Hmmm, could this be the beginning of a new Tom Jones in the making!

Here are some images of Piss Rug:

Liquor Pigs were up next, and they reminded us what good old classic Punk Rock was all about! They poured all their energy out like a bottle of sweaty S(wine). I couldn’t resist that one. They are a Toronto punk band. Usually they come from Hamilton, but these guys are the real deal. They were hitting some real over the speed limit music that would have made Lemmy smile. They had all the classic punk song titles, like “Someone fucking dies”,” Sickoid”, and “Don’t give a fuck”. BTW, “Sickoid” was pretty sick! They finished off their set with, “That’s what beers good for”. Yes it got you drunk as skunk, so Yay for skunky beer!

Here are some images of Liquor Pigs:

Now we got to more of the meaty metal part of the show. Superchucker made it on the stage and sang Happy Birthday to one of their loyal fans named Kim. I noticed the singer when he first got on stage had a similar appearance to James Hetfield and the band leaned into an Iron Maiden/Judas Priest approach. Then out of nowhere I heard him scream and it pulled me right into a Ripper Owens sound.  Just as I was getting into their groove, they blew the light show out, like some birthday candles. What happened next was in the true fashion of Rock and Roll. The audience flipped on the flashlights on their phones and continued the show by lighting the bands way. It happened so flawlessly, that you could have sworn it was preplanned. The stage crew got the lights back on track within a song or two and the show continued and I was really loving the energy this band was putting out. A true heavy metal show with all the glory and chest pounding one could only expect. Like all good things this show was sliding into to home base and they finished the evening off with my all time favourite Judas Priest song-“ Victim of Changes”. After hearing the singers scream, I was looking forward to how he was going to handle this song. I rarely admit this, especially this song, but he blew the doors down and walked away with ego intact! I must see this band again!

Here are some images of Superchucker:

To finish off this variety show was the headliner- War Machine! Like I said earlier, this band has been around since 1994 and hasn’t seen a stage in 6 years. This was going to be a great reunion. This band came out with pure Power metal and kept the pace throughout the entire show. Near the end, even the singer was saying he wasn’t fully prepared for this marathon set of music. There were a few moments I truly enjoyed, like the tongue in cheek song- “Mr Fister”, Far different than let’s say Mr Roger’s…

They moved all over their history with new songs that have not been played yet to old songs like- “Beginning of the end”, and “Left for dead”. If you don’t know much about this band, but you take a look at my photos you will notice the drummer seems to have a rather unusually large head. His name is Alexis Von Kraven and after you get over the shock of his large noggin he just becomes a great drummer in a solid metal outfit.

Here are some images of Warmachine:

The room was solid with old and new fans and stayed until the bitter end. I mean that in a very good way, because if you know the band no one was going to leave until they played, “Moving On”. It was another fine example of a perfect song to finish off a great night of metal.

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  1. Doug Hell

    Liquor Pigs are from Toronto. The last song in their set was Let’s Start A Riot.

    • Joe Taylor

      Thank you for that correction. They put on a great show! Loads of fun!

  2. Joe Di Taranto

    Thanx very much for the great review and awesome pictures! You Rock!!


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