Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson – Fear of the Duck

Yes, fear of the duck. That is one of dozens of anecdotes Bruce Dickinson, from ...
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Iron Kingdom

The Phantom of the Iron Kingdom

I need to rant for a short bit. I grew up listening to the First ...
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Noep, Hiding Out

The Estonian Music Week continued with an act that flew in from Estonia just for ...
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Matt Morson

Indie Week – The Dakota Tavern

After hearing some Estonian Music, I thought what about some Country to balance that out ...
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Kaili Kinnon

The Estonian Music Festival

Well the Estonian Festival is underway and it began with a sold out show at ...
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Black Absinthe

Indie Week – The Bovine Sex Club

After seeing some original greatness at the Horseshoe, I almost wanted to stay to see ...
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The Lad Classic

Indie Week – The Horseshoe

To be brief, I was on my way to join up with another music gig, ...
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Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

Indie Music Week – Opening Night

I arrived at the Revival to kick back with a bunch of people in the ...
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The Halloween Blues

This review should be sung to the traditional blues style, so the rhythm is Ba ...
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Goblin Mastiff

Goblins and Dogs

It’s a Friday night and if you are into Whacko Tobacco, the Hard Luck was ...
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Armenian Jazz

Universal Jazz from the Middle East

Armenian Jazz is something I don’t look into everyday, but since I was invited out, ...
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Mad Heads

Going Mad at The Drom

It’s not just another night at The Drom Taberna, it was a witness to a ...
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