2 Giraffes and a Ninja… Oh My

2 Giraffes and a Ninja… Oh My

Press Vinyl Café host quite a variety of unique acts that Toronto is spawning. Here are two short stories on two of them.

First up is a duo called Giraffe, one guitar and two voices. What can I say but they are quirky, a little corny and has a childlike quality about them. This would be a good band to listen to at a picnic as you let the ants eat your food and you can sit back and listen to these tree huggers present to you the wood fairies you so desire.

Their songs contain both innocence and an exploration that seems to come from Mother Nature’s cabinet of joy. Their song “Grace”, seems to run down the hall and feels lost, as it slows down, it seems to reflect on how it can find itself again. Heck, this band even sings about tissues that have issues. What  these two talk about is the fact that they never really know where they are going, but you stay on the ride, because getting lost with these two is pretty interesting.

Here are a couple images of Giraffe:

Up next was Binge Ninja, who is a single dude with a guitar. His first song was dedicated to his friend Jer-Bear, who came all the way down from the Yukon to see this show. By the second song you felt like a voodoo doll with a thousand pins stuck in you.

He pulled out a romantic song about a girl, but this girl seemed more interested in being smothered in chloroform than to actually go out on a date. This Ninja can hit your open thoughts with moves you will never see coming. He attacks your common sense with impromptu concepts that will challenge your present state of mind.

His was singing a song about life, but the jury is still out on what kind of life form he was singing about. In fact he went into a song that I could only describe like something dying like a young moose on the side of highway 43 going towards Dawson Creek. Not to worry too much he did get around to doing a cover song …and then continued with his take on how he views life.

Here are some images of Binge Ninja:

What was cool about the night, one of the audience members did hand out curried flavoured snacks to everyone. It was like having a picnic indoors.

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