Watercolour Jazz in the heart of Yorkville

Watercolour Jazz in the heart of Yorkville

A nice walk in Yorkville and you   will come across a coffee shop that has all kinds of wonderful laid back energy. As I enter this ritzy place I could hear a jazz pianist named Anastasia Minster. Her voice is both haunting and at the same time it could save you.

Her partner in crime doesn’t’ play live music, but instead she pulls out a large canvas and begins to paint using the music, for inspiration. You had two very unique souls doing what they love to do. It was fascinating, to watch Ksenia Sapunkova. As the music was playing she began to layer various colours and taking them on a journey that nobody has seen before. After the first set list was done, the young ladies took about a 40 minute break. What this means is that Ksenia would have work hard to finish what she started. That is a tall order, especially when you see the final work of art.

This kind of performance reminded me of time when Nash the Slash took to the stage and projected Robert Vanderhorst’s paintings. This was another example of another wonderful collaboration. Just check out this video clip, and you will understand what I am beginning to say.

Ok now let’s get to these talented women. Anastacia’s voice was both a little breathy as well as soothing. The second set started with Sleep Sleep . It was a highly pensive piece, but you can feel the healing factor that someone who cares for you are you trying to bring you back from the edge. Most of her pieces had the beautifully sad energy that sunk way below the surface of your soul. There are not a lot pop stars that cannot reach that depth and richness. She even did a cover of a Doors song, entitled, Crystal Ship. She saved the best for last with a very moving and soul lifting composition called Back into the Light. This song will definitely send you on your own astral way.

Soon after the show there was a silent auction for the brand new painting. There were quite a lot of offers. The person who won walked away with a steal. I am sure it is being framed as you read this.

To find more information on this dynamic duo go to… https://www.facebook.com/watercolourjazz/ you can see them on YouTube…

If you need a great coffee and catch some classy acts to… https://www.facebook.com/goldstruckcoffee/

Here are some images from their performance:

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