Triple Play at The Opera House

Triple Play at The Opera House

 The Opera House entertained the hungry audience with some fantastic European Metal. We had Anneke Van Giersbergen, Amorphis and Delain.

First up was Anneke and she walked on to stage with all of Toronto loving her. She has had a very collaborative career working with many different artists as well as being in the Band, The Gathering. What I love about her is that she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is a highly emotional performer and can really connect with her audience. She simply had a guitar and went into a Devin Townsend song, then a Gatherings song and an Aryeon song. She also did a few cover songs. She paid tribute to Chris Cornell with a Soundgarden tune. She did Pink Floyd as well as Kate Bush. The highlight was when the audience did a sing along to a Dolly Parton tune, yes a Dolly Parton tune. She finished on a high note with an Iron maiden song, Wasted Years. She simply left with the crowd wondering when she will be back in town.

Here are a few images from Anneke’s performance:

Amorphis came on next with a ton of energy and went straight for the animal songs, “The Bee”, and “Golden Elk”. They eventually went back to the beginning with, “In Hiding”.

What makes this band memorable is the fact that they blend styles and sound so well, that you get caught up in the metal Zen moment. They can be wonderfully melodic and then hit you with some Death Metal Moments. The singer can have a clean high pitched operatic voice or slam you with his guttural outtakes.

Recently they did a song with Anneke called, “Amongst Stars”, and brought her out to a very happy and loud audience. Nice choice, Amorphis!

They finished their set of with the heavy tune, “House of Sleep”. I guarantee there will be little sleeping with this audience later.

Here are a few images from Amorphis’ performance:

At this point, you could probably leave satisfied with the show, but then you would miss the Dutch Symphonic Rockers, Delain. Lead singer Charlotte Wessell came out like a superhero and got the crowd in a beautiful state of frenzy. She really loved to connect with the audience anyway she could. There was even a loud young lady screaming her lungs out, and Charlotte not only acknowledged her, but made sure she was participating when the time was needed for an audience full of lung power. Everything was running on some good high octane Rock and Roll, when they hit the afterburners with, “Hands of Gold”, and “Don’t let go”. Other cool moment were song like,” Stardust”, and “Master of Destiny”.

Here are a few images from Delain’s performance:

European Metal has been trying to make their mark here in Canada for a while now, and with putting together bands that fit really well with each other, that will be the key to a larger and stronger audience in the future. I hope Toronto will see a lot more of this in the future. We may not be as loud as other cities but we are dedicated when it comes to bands that we love.

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