The West is the Best!

The West is the Best!

Dundas West Fest came to a close late Saturday night, with a very successful two days of song, dance and food. Let’s talk about the food first. There seemed to be an endless supply of chicken and pork to feed the hungry masses. A good portion of it had both a Latino and Portuguese styling to satiate the multi-cultural crowd. Toronto came out in hordes to share in this fun festival built on a Latino attitude and now continues to  grown into a “something for everyone “kind of place to be.

With great food came great artisans. There was a ton of jewelry to look through as well as some Galleries that reside on Dundas St. The styles were anywhere from very down to earth designs to fine art pieces asking to be taken home. My girlfriend found a new home for a few of these pieces.

They even had games for people to enjoy and bouncy things for the kids to have fun on. Right beside the pirate ship you could dabble with your own personal graffiti and paint on the wall. Some kids decided to use themselves as a canvas. There were even music stores selling albums and DVD for $1.00 and up.

Now for the main attraction, the music, there were outdoor stages, street acts, and two awesome clubs promoting music from the south. We have the Garrison and the beautiful Lula Lounge, were the main players showed up. I met Gabriel Garcia from LA to see what he had to say about the festival. He let me know he was a special guest for the band, Havana Ventu. He loves the diversity of Toronto and unlike the strong Latino community in LA, he prefers Toronto for  how nicely he is treated and he loves being a part of the Canadian landscape and how welcome he feels here.

I also talked to an interesting character named Henry. He also love coming out to this event for the love this community has to offer. People just come out and does there thing and are very friendly about it. The owner of one of the record store simply put it like this…It’s a Fam Jam. It is a time of year where music people like DJ’s can reconnect with each other and relax and catch up while having a drink. They also seem to enjoy the sunny days because their career keeps them in dark places as they work.  Finally I spoke with Tribu who name means community. He love this festival because that is about the time of year when things really warm up. It inspires Tribu to play as many shows as he can. He has been to this festival for 7 years now.

I would love to talk about all the different bands that I saw, but this article would become a small book. I will just finish off with the final act I saw. Her name is Telmary and what a force of nature this woman is. The band made sure every sound was just right and then Telmary hit the stage and sang like a woman possessed. She was hypnotizing. She got this laid back crowd to its feet and got everyone moving and having a great time. She kept thanking Toronto for the reception. She has only been here twice and it took her five years to make it back. I want to put my own personal passport stamp of approval with this woman and get her back sooner for the next time.

Here are some images from the fest:

If you need Latino sounds in your life, go to Lula Lounge to dance the night away. Find them at

Don’t forget to attend next year; it will only get better…

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