The Rain Bucket Orkestra?

The Rain Bucket Orkestra?

It was a hot summer night with dark clouds looming overhead and a gaggle of new and old fans waiting in Mel Lastman Square for The Lemon Bucket Orkestra. This is a band that can range from a few members to quite this combination of  varied musicians.  They came onstage during a time that the clouds would gather and pour down on this patient crowd, but with their joyous noise Lemon Bucket Orkestra held back the rain for the entire evening.

This is the kind of band that may suit everybody’s taste whether you are old or very young. These guys will refill your spirit with some fun ruckus that comes from the Baltic areas of Europe. The singer let us know that they bring this music to us to honour this style of traditional sound and energy. They don’t play original song but will twist the classic’s enough to make it feel fresh and new.

Not only does the audience get treated to a history lesson in music, but we get to dance like them as well, and even pick up a few new words in their language.  They came closer to the audience to give us a feeling of intimacy. There was a slow traditional song sung that sunk into the hearts of the Eastern Europeans heart, because they knew the words and meaning.

Finally, they finished off the evening with a nice surprise for the new fans. They all got off stage and proceeded to walk into the audience and play with them. They got everyone to. Move it  Move it and then some. At the end of the set the night seemed even hotter as the smiling crowd walked away with a new high.

Here are some images from Lemon Bucket Orkestra’s performance:

To see them live go to…

Here is a clip from the performance at Mel Lastman Square:

Lemon Bucket Orkestra at Mel Lastman Square

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