The Halloween Blues

The Halloween Blues

This review should be sung to the traditional blues style, so the rhythm is Ba Ba De Da…

I went to the TO Lounge, on this cold and frightful night.

The Ghouls and Goblins were hiding out, in plain sight

They crawled from the kitchen, and came through the door

The creeps and crazy crawlies were dancing on the floor.

The first up was a singer, telling you stories to us folk

Her name was Pam, and she sang until we choked

This starving artist fed on the energy of the room

Her haunted lyrics turned this place into a tomb.

Yeah, my soul was bit

And my time was due

To except my fate, I surrendered

To the Halloween blues

Next up was Greg K, he was a terrible fright

His skeletal body shook and made my hair turn white

He sang scary originals, he sang some Rolling stones

He creeped out the dancers who were rolling dem bones

TO Lounge was dark and filled with dread

It was a scene out of the walking dead

There was no mercy, there was no cheer

As the barkeep brought you another beer


The Bluenatics hit the crammy little stage

And the level of drunkenness was hard to gauge

The music struck you like a knight to a pawn

Your brain was toast when they plated the thrill was gone.

They played Blue suede shoes and some Suzy Q

Your dance partner grew two heads, you didn’t know what to do

So you slid on your knees, you threw your hat into the air

The music vampire bit you and now you no longer care

The Bluenatics played until the wee hours of the morny

The devil inside of you was feeling pretty horny

He had one horn to the east, the other to the west

And he was on the dance floor trying to do his best.           

Yeah he had the blues

Oh those Halloween blues

They had the tricks

They had the treats

The Bluenatics will feed you

With all you want to eat.

Yeah I had a fever

Yeah I had the flu

And the only prescription

Is the Halloween Blues.

This song is dedicated to all the performers who gave one hell of a good time on Halloween.

Here are a few images from the Bluenatics’ performance:

First up was Pamela White on guitar and vocals

This is Pamela White:

Next up was Greg K on Guitar and vocals and then became the band The Supervoids with MIP and Devin Janetta

A few images of Greg K:

This is The Supervoids:

The Bluenatics consist of Mark Watts- Vox/Guitar

MIP on Vox/bass

Devin Janetta- Drums

Rich Anton- Harmonica

Ari Dasgupta- Sax

Fred Lock-Sax

Dr Keys- Keyboards

Jon Giles- Guitar

To hear more Pamela White go here…

To find out more about the Bluenatics go to…

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