Streams for the Sainte

Streams for the Sainte


I don’t know how else to write this, but after seeing Buffy Sainte-Marie for the first time, I believe this is the only way for me to describe what I witnessed. For starters, when she was introduced onto the Bandshell stage, she jogged on and had a fleeting smile that carried the energy of excitement, humbleness and humility. I knew from that moment something special was going to happen.

I heard many people say she is our teacher, but she is much more than that, she carries visions of not only the state of our world but ways out of the dark areas that cloud our judgment. With each song she was singing I felt like I was attending a unique place of learning. As a new student I opened my personal books and saw inside how to grasp at a robust pull of essence, and come through with a spiritual awakening that I could proudly wear as a badge of honour.

Buffy has an uncanny ability to gently reach inside of you and pull out an emotion and nurture it to a healthier state and then place it back where it belongs. With each song that she sang I felt a new emotion being healed and a stronger will to begin using this renewal for all the right reasons.

Buffy is also ageless and somewhat timeless as she could bring you back to your childhood and then let you age gracefully for the future. It is the structure of your entity that contains this vitality. We simply misplaced it along the way due to the rigors of our habits. Like a good Doctor she will help you realign the purpose you once sought out but simply veered off the path.

The magic and mysticism she presents in her demonstrations can open your eyes of wonder yet again and you find that anyone who stands in an audience with Buffy can be mesmerized. You realize you are standing on sacred ground.

These are the moments that truly make me feel proud to be Canadian. We have other great icons like Neil Young, Gord Downie, The Guess Who to mention only a few. I was lucky enough to have conversations and photograph singer/actor Tom Jackson and felt at peace when I was in his presence. Buffy Sainte- Marie easily is part of this company.

When she finished her last song and said goodbye, I had a moment to reflect what just happened, so I sat down and cried for awhile. It wasn’t because the show was over and I was missing her, it was that she filled my gas tank so high, that these renewed emotions had nowhere else to go but out. The washing of the water was both powerful and profound. As I began to walk I noticed other people doing the same thing, where they seemed a little overwhelmed with what just happened. This truly was far more that a concert, it was an ethereal experience that more people need in their life.

Here are some images from Buffy Sainte-Marie’s performance:

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Throughout the show I heard many people around simply saying one thing, and I believe it is now my turn to say, “I love you Buffy!”

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